Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In The Philippines

Our time in the Philippines was wonderful. The people of this country were so warm and open. We were surprised by many things, especially the changing of our schedule but the wonderful thing was that we were able to serve with long-term missionaries and ministries. It's always so much better to come along side an existing mission so that continued work and help will be given long after our time. First of all we apologize for not being able to post more often...internet is very limited and pricey here...and incredibly slow! We'll try to put another post up in a couple of days showing more of the people we worked with in the Philippines and telling more of our time. Thank you so much for the tremendous amounts of prayer and support. We have no doubt all of this has helped us immensely along the journey! Before we have to sign the Philippines we were able to serve in many churches by preaching, leading worship, giving testimonies etc., we also lived and served in a city slum of Davao City and our group planned and ran a four day youth camp on an island off of the coast of Davao. We can't wait to share more of our time and heart of our ministry...more to come about the Philippines! (Just so you know, we are living in Indonesia right now. It is such an incredible ministry and very different because we are living in Muslim houses and in a Muslim community...please pray for our time and safety. We love and miss you all!) ~ Jen and Jason