Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quote of the week.

"Evenings were peaceful, smoke settling in the quiet air to soften the dusk, lights twinkling on the ridge we would camp on tomorrow, clouds dimming the outline of our pass for the day after. Growing excitement lured my thoughts again and again to the West Ridge...

There was loneliness, too, as the sun set, but only rarely now did doubts return. Then I felt sinkingly as if my whole life lay behind me. Once on the mountain I knew (or trusted) that this would give way to total absorption with the task at hand. But at times I wondered if I had not come a long way only to find that what I really sought was something I had left behind."

Thomas F. Hornbein, Everest: The West Ridge

In my newest book I read this quote and thought about all of you back home. Hawaii is beautiful but is no Everest in the slightest or even something that we feel that we have to "accomplish". All I know is that we do want you to know how much we truly miss all of you back home.

Random pic of the week.

Last week I rode my bike down to the beach (around 9 miles round trip) and stumbled upon this guy that was only on the beach about 15 min and caught this Oio fish. Native to Hawaii, this fish is really bony and you can't make much out of it except fish cakes. What they do is scrape the meat off and mix it with other ingredients and deep fry it.