Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Ode To Sweet Ellen Mekay

Oh saddness...I was a bazzillion miles away on your special baby day!
But don't worry I was still there...or at least here...thinking of you there hoping that you felt loved as you opened tiny Ellen treats and feasted on delicious sweets and shared this special day with those who love you the most. (except me that is!)

So in honor of Ellen and our collective "SILLINESS" here's an ode to your little toot:

Silly sweet Ellen Mekay
That’s what you’ll be
You’ll see one day.

And little you I can’t wait to see:

You’re cutie toes
And bunny nose
With nose triangles
And silly tangles
Bouncing in your curly twirly hair
…ok that’s not fair…
I’m not sure about the hair,
Straight or curly
It will be perfect most surely

I can’t wait for the days
I get to watch you skipling in your footie p.j.’s
And dipling your little fingers into everything sweet
Swirling paint and making messes with your silly dancing feet

And I bet you’ll have a silly button
Just like your mommy and me
And be a crazy wonderful little “punkin”
‘Cause that’s all you need to be…

I’m sure you’re gonna be one of the funniest toots anyone did meet
But if your not and instead your shy, loving and sweet…

Then you’re you and that’s the best
And just as good to me!

And would you call me “Auntie”
Would you would you please?
And Grow up proud of your mommy
Because she’s the bestest you’ll ever need.

I love you love you Ellen Mekay
And can’t wait for the day….