Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inspiring the Sick

So I'm sick, well kinda sick now, well sick enough that the only pic I want of myself is one where I'm almost unrecognizable... so here's me (see pic with mysterious eyes between a cup and a hat) sitting at the computer trying to figure out my website needs (I know I know I need anything because I have nothing...) anyway, I decided to catch you all up on life here. It's cold, very very cold! The thermostat reads 67 but I think it MUST be wrong because I'm freezing...but maybe it's just because I'm sick. Hanna is running around in a T-shirt. Hmph one of us is not wearing appropriate clothing for this cold situation.

Anyhow, being sick I decided to get inspired and grab my two willing victims (aka. Hanna and Rush) and do a "sick" inspired photo shoot. I think Hanna was way more into it than Rush. We kept having to explain to him that the "cone" was pivotal to the whole thing and he MUST wear it...(see the pic above for the dirty look he was giving me when I finally took it off and explained to him that it was all in good fun!

Fingers are freezing and I have to cook some very garlic-ish chicken for dinner so this post will have to wait to be completed until later tonight....

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is Lizzy. Hanna and I had the pleasure of having a fun (and very chilly) evening shooting pictures of Lizzy. We were "taking senior portraits" but as you can see we drifted away from the traditional. Hanna was my assistant and let me tell you she was incredible! If anyone needs the complete package when it comes to assistants then hire Hanna. She can sing, dance, tell jokes and even hold a strobe when needed! BTW for anyone who doesn't know, Hanna is my 9 year old neice.

Well I'll show you more shots of Lizzy but I'm off to go help some passengers with some bags at my glorious job with Delta airlines. (my newest job)

And I seem to have taken over this blog but this is really about the lives of Jason and I, he's been an amazing demolition hero and has exposed most of the guts of our newly purchased home in Black Mountain. I'll have to get him on here to give updates etc. (one day our little place will be amazing!)