Friday, February 29, 2008

I know , I t has been FOREVER since we've blogged. Sorry for making you wait and wait. Internet here is unpredictable and slow as molasses (or so the saying goes) and I've been creating resumes and begging for jobs (which I'm failing at so far) but no more excuses, you're right it has been WAY too long. I've collected a bunch of pictures to catch you up on our Hawaii happenings, so in the next day (or two) we should have a much better post than this little sample.
Until then... I posted this picture of Rush romping on the beach at Kaena Point State Park
I was pondering the saying "It's a dog's life" and immediately thought of our crazy, and must I admit, spoiled, pup and all the fun he gets out of life. Ok I know, the meaning of this saying would change drastically depending on third-world versus western dogs...and strays versus loved pets but wouldn't you just love to have a moment of pure joy like he's having here!?! (just before he nearly tumbled me over and splattered sand all over my lens...oh well)
Random, I know, but just thought I'd share with you my photographic interpretation of this simple phrase...and make an attempt at distracting you from the fact that we're not keeping up with our posts.

And I promise, one to two days and you'll have a better post to enjoy...thanks for hanging in there!