Saturday, June 9, 2007

Back to the Mother-Land

Well that's it folks... we graduated our DTS last

Friday, June 1, 2007

Don't Worry We're Still Alive...

We're sorry that it has been a ridiuculously long time since we have been able to post...we are still alive and doing great. Unfortunately, we have been living in remote areas which makes internet access difficult. To give you an update, we are doing great, our whole team is finally together (for those who didn't know, half of our team was stuck in Indonesia for over a week and half of us were here in Thailand.) Everyone is doing well except for Sammy (from Honduras) please pray for him. He is in the hospital right now with Dengue Fever. We're hoping with some good, air-conditioned rest and IV fluids he'll be doing much better in a day or two. Everything else is going fine. We are living on the Thailand / Cambodia border in eastern Thailand. It's beautiful here, the people are very kind, the food is delicious, the heat is sweltering and even though this country is a Buddhist fortress, we have had some great opportunities to serve and share our friendship and faith with these people... Jason and I have also cherished this time deeply to draw closer to each other and to stand up for our beliefs and passion for others. We've learned so much about being a team...Jason and I.

We'll try to post pictures and much more when we can and also get in touch with personal emails...for now just know we love and miss you all! ~ Jen and Jason