Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Ode To Sweet Ellen Mekay

Oh saddness...I was a bazzillion miles away on your special baby day!
But don't worry I was still there...or at least here...thinking of you there hoping that you felt loved as you opened tiny Ellen treats and feasted on delicious sweets and shared this special day with those who love you the most. (except me that is!)

So in honor of Ellen and our collective "SILLINESS" here's an ode to your little toot:

Silly sweet Ellen Mekay
That’s what you’ll be
You’ll see one day.

And little you I can’t wait to see:

You’re cutie toes
And bunny nose
With nose triangles
And silly tangles
Bouncing in your curly twirly hair
…ok that’s not fair…
I’m not sure about the hair,
Straight or curly
It will be perfect most surely

I can’t wait for the days
I get to watch you skipling in your footie p.j.’s
And dipling your little fingers into everything sweet
Swirling paint and making messes with your silly dancing feet

And I bet you’ll have a silly button
Just like your mommy and me
And be a crazy wonderful little “punkin”
‘Cause that’s all you need to be…

I’m sure you’re gonna be one of the funniest toots anyone did meet
But if your not and instead your shy, loving and sweet…

Then you’re you and that’s the best
And just as good to me!

And would you call me “Auntie”
Would you would you please?
And Grow up proud of your mommy
Because she’s the bestest you’ll ever need.

I love you love you Ellen Mekay
And can’t wait for the day….



Becky Swann said...

Oh Jen I got your message, Yesterday was just so overwhelming i have not had a chance to call back. I do appreciate you alot and know that you were there in our hearts and Ellen loves her Aunt Jen already!!!! I love you lots,

ps. I don't know if it is just my computer but I can't see the picture

Becky Swann said...

Oh now I see it, who is that HOT MAMA!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen we missed you too! And you were definitly there in spirit! I could tell.. I almost starting talking to you once! = )

I miss you!

And WHAT a HOT Mama indeed!

sunday said...

love that picture. nice to have you back jen. we really missed you at the shower.

Anonymous said...

Jen I love the sweet poem.. I don't think it was on the post the last time I looked! So sweet indeed!

Becky Swann said...

I saw the poem now, Oh man I hope she has a silly switch too, That made me really excited for her to get here and a little teary eyed. she will love her crazy Aunt Jen that is for sure!

Just April... said...

Oh girls - this sweet interaction between Jen and Becky's little one-to-be was enough to make me tear up! One thing is for sure, Becky, any child of yours will be special and cherished - by all of us. How exciting that Ellen MeKay has such a wonderful Aunt Jen and other "mama's buddies" to look forward to in life! I hope your shower was lovely! Where was it held and can you post pics?

Kim LaViolette said...

Glad to see you up and running Jen :) Miss you!!!!

Heidi and Richard King said... cute. We always do miss you, but you will be back just in time to be a fun little "Auntie Jenny Wenny" when Ellen gets big enough to really catch on. Perfect!

Jessica said...

Jen, you are to much. My eyes started to get watery near the end of the poem . . . that was really sweet! Hanna said that she didn't ever want to have to share you as a Aunt. :) However, for Becky's Ellen Mekay I think she will forgive you. . . Maybe :)!

Rebecca said...

I love the poem! Thanks for the complement on my template...I searched forever for the one I felt fit ! I can see you are excited about being an auntie!! Hope you have a good week and can't wait to catch up on your life via blogging!

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...


Anonymous said...

Time for a new blog post and update missie!!! love you!

Just April... said...

Ditto to Courtney's thoughts! Just checking in to see what is happening with the Haynes of Hawaii! You are being thought of. :)

Jennifer Weiss said...

whatcha been up to? miss you two!

Jenn Weiss

Jessica said...

You're Fired!!!!! Love ya anyway, though.

Jessica said...

Just to clarify . . . as soon as you post again you are no longer fired:)

Becky Swann said...

Just so you know I do still check your blog so anytime you want to update it is fine by me:)
Also I have gotten your messages, I will call soon I promise, stupid time zones

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

I'm checking to see if you are ever going to post about your new baby, some don't even know about it yet, poor little Appy.

Courtney said...

YOu have a babY!! What..!!?!? We need a new blog post from you.. sweet Jen of Friend of mine.. please post what's happening in Hawaii soon.. we need to see some of your photos.. or something.. anything.. WE WANT MORE JEN AND JASON!!! IT'S BEEN ALOMST A YEAR SINCE YOU POSTED!! In case you didn't know.. = )